About us

We are a team of 12 heterogeneous and complementary partners that decided to put together their competences, skills and passion to foster the needed change in the incumbent energy system.

Our objective is to fill the knowledge and participatory gaps surrounding the low carbon energy system transition to guarantee that citizens are at the center of the Energy Transition. 

We will advance the scientific knowledge on the motives, potential, objectives and barriers for  Collective Action Initiatives - CAIs  (e.g. energy communities, cooperatives, purchasing groups) in the energy system and we will quantify the their aggregate contribution at national and European levels.

Upon this knowedlge basis, COMETS will co-develop supportive tools together with CAI members, policy makers and the scientific community in order for these stakeholders to exploit the main outputs of COMETS.

The Project


The Partners

Main contacts

For general information about COMETS: info@comets-project.eu

For specific details coordinator@comets-project.eu