Understanding Collective Action in the Energy Field

Collective Action stands as a foundation for social life, involving agents and agencies of different nature. But there is still a lot to be investigated in order to understand its complexities and capabilities, including its potential impact on the energy transition

What we do

In order to gain an in-depth understanding of collective action in the energy field, COMETS is conducting research activities that include a wide literature review and in-depth interviews with the members of the COMETS' Advisory Board.

Research activities will be focused around several dimensions, including the following:

  • Context of development : national regulatory framework, energy sectors, technologies and resources
  • Organizational aspects : decision making and governance, procedures, roles and functions
  • Social : members profile, diversity/social inclusion, gender balance, social networks and community
  • Evolution: scaling capacity, trajectories and strategies, diversification of services
  • Economic: innovative business model, funding strategies, jobs created, companies incorporated
  • Material: technologies and sources of energy

Ultimate outcomes to be produced

  • Report on the working definition of collective action in the energy field This will provide a common basis on the most relevant aspects investigated all along the knowledge building process

Managed by: UNITO 
For info osman.arrobbio@unito.it

Main contacts

For general information about COMETS: info@comets-project.eu

For specific details coordinator@comets-project.eu