Creating an EU-wide knowledge base: inventory of Collective Action Initiatives

No comprehensive database exists on the relevance of CAIs in the EU. COMETS is creating an unparalleled knowledge base through the merging of existing databases and the collection of new data from many different sources.

What we do

COMETS adopts an in-depth comparative perspective by building a Europe-wide inventory (including associated countries) of around 5000 entries describing CAIs engaged in the energy transition. This valuable inventory will help COMETS continue the in-depth knowledge building by conducting comparative studies, surveys and frontier case studies in six selected European countries (i.e. Belgium, Estonia, Italy, Netherlands, Poland, and Spain).

Building a Europe-wide database will provide a quantification of the aggregate contribution of CAIs to the energy transition. Through a cluster analysis, a number of CAI typologies are derived. This will look at several key features, including:

  • installed capacities
  • people involved
  • energy services provided
  • finances invested 

Ultimate outcomes to be produced

  • Extensive inventory of CAIs: This database will consist of CAIs populated through an extensive mining of data 
  • Manual describing data sources, typologies, and validation procedures: Building on the knowledge gained through the in-depth preliminary ontology activities (see section ‘Understanding Collective Action in the Energy Field’), which binds together the information stored in the inventory, this ontology describes three different tiers of information:
    1. Organizational structure & history of actions (e.g. legal forms, memberships, and statutes; investments into provision of energy services, information and fund-raising campaigns);
    2. Performance and quantified contribution to the energy transition (e.g. installed capacities, mobility services provided, distribution networks operated, energy saved, numbers of costumers, jobs and companies created, finances mobilized, remuneration re-invested, taxes paid, economic records, people involved);
    3. Contextual data (characteristic of the national to regional level of the systems of energy services provision, e.g. final energy demand and supply, share of renewables, energy intensity of GDP, regional GDP, labour and income statistics)

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