Investigating national contexts: the survey

The history and performance of CAIs strongly depends on the cultural, social and regulatory contexts from where they develop. COMETS is investigating these dynamics by developing a comprehensive survey for a number of CAIs in six EU countries

What we are doing

On the 1st of May 2020 COMETS survey has been launched and the submission will last untill the end of July 2020. 

The survey represent an important COMETS internal resource to create new knolwedge about CAIs in the energy sector, including:

  • a deeper understanding of the different typologies of CAIs 
  • the identification of the main factors that seem to influence CAIs performance and success/failure.

This will then give insight into which actions and projects tend to be more successful in which typologies and that's why the survey is the basis for selection of case studies as well as for exploring the replication potential

Join us and fill in the survey

The survey has been translated into the six national languages and submitted to CAIs active in the selected countries selected for case studies (Belgium, Estonia, Italy, Netherlands, Poland, Spain).

If you believe you fit the profile of a CAI in one of these six countries, we invite you to share your perspective by filling in the survey. This will be a way to start to connect to this project, and help us promote the energy transition through better knowledge.
If you are not part of a CAI, then please feel free to share this article with people or institutions that may be involved directly.
CAIs work on many aspects of the energy transition, including: education, collectively buying or selling renewable energy, producing energy and organising the supply chain, providing advisory or support services, financial services, skill sharing, and addressing energy poverty. By extending and  deepening knowledge of what is happening in these countries, we hope to understand better the potential of CAIs to contribute to energy transition, and the measures that are need to support this. So, thank you for embracing the invitation to fill in and / or to share this survey.

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