Investigating national contexts: the survey

The history and performance of CAIs strongly depends on the cultural, social and regulatory contexts from where they develop. COMETS is investigating these dynamics by developing a comprehensive survey for a number of CAIs in six EU countries

What we do

COMETS will design a survey that will be used to explore, at a deeper level of knowledge, the dimensions considered in the inventory and to provide robust knowledge to enhance the inventory itself.  

The questionnaire will explore the main dimensions of analysis as revised and defined in the working definition of CAIs and the COMETS validated Analytical Framework. 

The survey will be submitted to CAIs listed in the inventory in such a way that all the countries selected for case studies (Belgium, Estonia, Italy, Netherlands, Poland, Spain) and all the typologies identified will be significantly represented. the survey will be translated into the six national languages and submitted to CAIs active in the selected countries. The survey data will represent an important COMETS internal resource to improve the knowledge of CAIs in the energy sector, including:

  • a deeper understanding of the different typologies of CAIs from a comparative perspective (i.e. observing the distribution CAIs across different typologies and work out commonalities and differences)
  • an analysis on the survey data will provide the most relevant ‘clusters’ of indicators that influence CAIs performance and success/failure. This will then give insight into which actions and projects tend to be more successful in which typologies. This serves as the basis for selection of case studies as well as for exploring the replication potential (roadmaps for the future)

Ultimate outcomes to be produced

  • Report on the working definition of collective action in the energy field This will provide a common basis on the most relevant aspects investigated all along the knowledge building process

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