Support of CAIs

COMETS facilitates a dedicated multi-purpose Supporting Platform, co-designed with CAIs representatives. Services offered to CAIs will include pioneering knowledge on social innovations in the energy field and will provide an opportunity for CAIs members to connect and learn from each other.

What we do

COMETS will provide a dedicated multi-purpose Supporting Platform, co-designed with CAIs representatives, that will be a useful tool for CAIs and facilitates a virtual network for their interaction and exchange among themselves. The specific objectives of the supporting platform are to:
  • Disseminate information about the project, its progress and its outcomes to the scientific community, to industrial stakeholders, to the wider public and all relevant target audiences
  • Establish and maintain an attractive and informative web presence for the project and prepare other materials for supporting external dissemination activities
  • Liaise with other Social Innovation projects and related EU funded initiatives to identify and exploit synergies
  • Organize workshops to facilitate further mainstreaming/upscaling beyond the project ending
  • Guide partners towards successful joint exploitation of results beyond the immediate project duration
  • Facilitate the sustainability of COMETS and upscaling to other communities/ cities/regions/countries
  • Leverage and multiply CAIs for the Energy Transition
  • Build and maintain effective communication of research among and with partners and stakeholders
  • Engage CAIs (leaders and members) in co-designing a multipurpose platform aimed at supporting the development, improvement and reinforcement of CAIs themselves;
  • Maximize the participation of CAIs in COMETS activities (e.g. increasing the response rate to the survey).

Ultimate outcomes to be produced

  • Supporting Platform for CAIs
    The COMETS Supporting Platform creates a research-practice interface, spreads social innovations in the energy sector, and connects CAIs to learn from each other. It provides user-friendly open access to verified tools, methods, knowledge, services and communication channels that facilitate CAIs for the energy transition.

Managed by: ECOLISE

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