Spreading knowledge to maximise the project's impact

Maximizing COMETS' impacts means maximising public engagement at different levels (from citizens to policy-makers, public authorities and administrations) and make avaialble for social actors new knowledge about the potential for further developments of CAIs and emerging business opportunities.

COMETS results will be valuable for a suite of actors :

  • General public and civil society
  • Potential adopters of solutions
  • CAIs in the energy sector and in other sectors 
  • Business, professional communities and companies
  • Policy, public administration and policy makers
Each of the above listed actors will take advantage of the resources produced by COMETS all allong the duration of the project...and beyond

Project Deliverables

Results of the COMETS' workplan development

Papers, presentations and other

COMETS' scientific outcomes

Related Projects

A network of EU funded initiatives to make citizens the pivotal actor of Energy Transition

Project Materials

Everything to know about COMETS – press release, 1-pager, etc.

Main contacts

For general information about COMETS: info@comets-project.eu

For specific details coordinator@comets-project.eu