Project Deliverables

Deliverable Description Related WPs and tasks Submitted (m/y) Partner Responsible Download
D7.1 - COMETS website Project website description WP7 - Building a Supporting Platform for CAIs, Dissemination, Communication and Exploitation
Subtask 7.2.2 - Project web presence and online media management
11/2019 UNITO
D2.1 - Collective Action Initiatives.
Some theoretical perspective and a working definition
A wide review of the main concepts explored in the SSH literature about Collective Action properties, processes and development. WP2 - Europe-wide inventory of CAI in energy sector
Task2.1 - A working definition of CAIs in ET
08/2019 UNITO
D6.1 - Validation Framework A shared framework to guarantee the quality of the research and
the robustness of the results all along the project development
WP6 - Validation and research quality assurance
Task6.1 - Building a validation strategy and validating the Analytical Framework
07/2019 HVL